Commercial Design

Whether renovation, remodel, re-purpose, re-position, or new build, our approach considers every detail, solves problems, provides evidenced-based design, is code-compliant, durable, and cleanable. We deliver a luxury hospitality aesthetic along with functionality and safety. We have a track record of successfully managing and completing projects on-time and on-budget while meeting client and branding objectives.

Senior Living Design Projects

Award-winning interior and remodel design. Increased occupancy. Comfort and safety. Happy communities.

Our design supports physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional wellness of older adults. We improve quality of life for residents in Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care communities and Assisted Living Care Homes.

Office/Institutional Design Projects


Praise for Commercial Design

Bonnie Lewis of 55+ TLC Interior Design has been our chosen designer and project manager at McDowell Village Senior Living for several years. Bonnie has proven to be responsive and proactive from the project management aspect and her designs are innovative and well received by our discerning clientele of elder adults and their adult children. She is passionate about her work yet always considers her clients’ wishes to create beautiful and functional end products. I don’t hesitate to recommend Bonnie for any project that requires an experienced and accomplished design and project management professional.
Michael Bergmans
General Manager, McDowell Village